Dispute resolution regarding Foundations

Recall of members of the management board

Access to books and accounts

Declaratory action in Foundation Law

Inheritance claims against Foundations

Liability of management board members

Representation of management board members against claims for compensation

Organization of the Foundation

Management board meetings and resolutions

Advisory board meetings and resolutions

Assembly of beneficiaries

Reporting via beneficiaries, the court or the bank

Basics of Foundation Law

Establishment of Foundations

“Renovation” of Deeds of Foundations

Reorganisation of Company-Structures with relations to Foundations

Preparing Foundations for generation change

Dissolution of Foundations

Asset Protection

Reorganisation through Sub-Foundations

Charitable Foundations

Foundations and Trusts 


Inheritance Law

Last wills

Succession planning for business owners

Inheritance disputes

Claims for compulsory portions

Donation agreements


Corporate Housekeeping / M & A / Establishment

Corporations and Stock Corporations (f.e. statutes for GmbH and AG)

Private companies and partnerships (f.e. KG and OG)

Cooperatives and registered associations

General meetings

Advising board members

Mergers & acquisition

Syndicate agreements

Conversions, Spin-offs and Amalgamations

Reporting (beneficial owners, commercial court, etc.)

Corporate Dispute Resolution

Liability of Directors

Shareholder disputes

Disputed general meetings

Representing minority shareholders

Access to books and accounts

Disputes regarding prohibited return of capital contribution


Dispute Resolution

Commercial agents

Competition law

Litigation regarding service contracts

Warranty claims

Execution law

Representation in insolvency proceedings

Representation in of private parties in criminal proceedings

Contract Law

Purchase Contract

Service Contract

Loan Contract

Rental Contract

Lease Contract

Terms and Conditions

Start Ups

Set up of a Corporation 

Capital increase

Securities Law


General Commercial Law

Industrial code

Labor law

Trademark and IP law


Contract Law

Real Estate Purchase Contracts

Rental Contracts

Construction Contract

Developer Contract

Financing and Collateral Agreements

Litigation in Real Estate

Litigation regarding Rental Contracts

Warranty claims / Compensation regarding Real Estate Purchase Contracts

Litigation regarding Service Contracts

Litigation regarding Construction Contracts and Developer Contracts